10 Ideal Posters that Ideally define the Ideology of our Indian society

We Indians are obsessed with ideologies and we define the ideal persons as per our own suitability. These posters showing the 10 categories of ideal people as defined by Scroll Droll are sarcastic yet brutally honest and display what exactly our society expects us to be.

1. The Ideal Bride

2. The Ideal Groom

3. The Ideal Daughter

4. The Ideal Son

5. The Ideal Girlfriend

6. The Ideal Boyfriend

7. The Ideal Friend

8. The Ideal Roommate

9. The Ideal Person to Friendzone

10. The Ideal Employee

I can totally relate to some of these ideologies and I am sure you too must have been a victim of at least one of these expectations by now 😀

Feel free to share with us your views on this in the comments section below.


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