5 Lovely Child Artists Who Are Creating A Buzz In Small Screen This Year

1. Ruhi (Ruhanika Dhawan)


This talented and cute little kid from Star Plus most popular serial “Ye Hai Mohabbatein” has become a household name and she is known by her character’s name more than her original name. Ruhi has won everyone’s hearts with her natural acting and spontaneity. The Ruhi-Ishimaa chemistry is loved and appreciated by all viewers of the popular soap.

2. Chakor (Spandan Chaturvedi)


Chakor from the serial “Udaan” in Colors is a very strong and confident girl who is determined to fight against the evil of bonded labor and get her basic rights to education. She is ready to face all hurdles that come in her way and moves fearlessly towards her dreams.

3. Ganga (Ruhana Khanna)


Ganga is another bold character who plays the role of a child widow in the recently started show of the same name in “& tv”. As per the age old traditions, Ganga is refrained to live a normal life like other kids of her age as she becomes a widow at a very tender age. But this high-spirited and strong-willed girl decides to live her life according to her own wish without losing her dignity.

4. Shravan (Bhavesh Jaiswal)


Shravan is the character of a naughty and smart kid in the daily soap “Ye Hai Mohabbatein” played by child actor Bhavesh Jaiswal. He is the cousin of Ruhi in the serial and is always involved in some kind of prank or the other.

5. Saagar (Swar Hingonia)


This kid is playing the role of Saagar in & tv’s new serial “Ganga”. His equation with the lead actor Ganga is very sweet and subtle and their friendship in the show is being appreciated a lot by viewers.

These budding artists are the child prodigies who prove to be the main reasons of their respective show’s success. Even at such tender ages, they play their role with so much maturity and innocence. They definitely have  a promising career in the industry in the upcoming years.

Who among them do you love the most? Do share with us below.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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