7 Posters that Show the Types of People We Meet at Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are lavish and fun-filled. Grand wedding venues, posh decorations, extravagant dresses, delicious food, music, dance, entertainment and what not. Families and relatives meet and celebrate the auspicious occasion together.

Among all these, you will notice various categories of people who are on the look out for different things. Relatives finding flaws in everything and bitching about each other, the detective aunties curious to know your marks, job or when you are getting married; the boring uncles who keep discussing business; cool dudes checking out hotties; stylish girls discussing fashion or the younger generation hitting on each other or looking for some fun.

These interesting Posters by WittyFeed accurately describe the various kinds of people you will see in every Indian wedding.














Don’t you agree with the above posters? Feel free to share your personal experience at weddings in the comments section below 😀

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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