Top 10 Tools for Checking Duplicate Content

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Duplicate content can be a real threat for your website’s ranking. So it is advisable to have routine checks of your website’s contents. Are you worried that your website’s content is being copied by others? Fret not ! Here we have shortlisted the top 10 tools for checking duplicate content to release your tension of your contents being duplicated. So check out this beneficial list and take suitable precautionary measures. Continue reading

How to Use Google AdSense Ads on your Responsive Website?


Websites can be accessed using a desktop, laptop, mobile and even a TV. But you cannot expect the quality of the screen to look good across all these devices. However, with responsive website design this is not far from achieving. Google has recommended the website owners to use the responsive design for their sites and this has been passed through the official communication too. Continue reading

How to Display your Profile Picture in Google Search Results?

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You are a content creator and have uploaded tons of content on Google, then here’s a feature that is just meant for you. A profile picture next to your content on Google search page would be the ideal way to promote yourself to most people. Many of those who read your content would not go through your profile because they would not have a chance to. So, if you place your profile picture in the Google search results, you would actually have a chance of people visiting your profile and knowing you better. Continue reading