How to Download Facebook Photo Albums?

Are you thinking of a suitable way to download Facebook photo albums to your desktop so that you can enjoy your favorite photos even when you are offline? If yes, then good news for you! Fotobounce is a very effective tool presented by Windows to serve your purpose. This useful utility is available absolutely for free. Besides, this utility allows you to control your Facebook as well as Flickr photos from your desktop itself.

download-all-Facebook-photos-from-albumsDownloading your Facebook photos can be a beneficial affair since you can show it to your family members who do not have a Facebook account or who do not use social networking sites actively. Moreover, you can also save those in the form of a DVD or as email attachments if you are planning to delete or shift your Facebook account for some reason and do not want to lose your beloved photos.

By using Fotobounce, you can not only download your earlier photos but also enjoy watching your present photo albums in the form of a slideshow and that too without have the need to download those locally onto your desktop. Furthermore, you can also upload your recent photos to the website just by doing a right click. In addition, Fotobounce also helps you in browsing through your friends’ photo albums on Facebook and downloading the desired photos to your desktop. Above all, this amazing utility also has the feature of built-in face recognition for tagging images on the desktop and these tags will be retained even after uploading the photos to Facebook.Facebook-album-download

Hence, check out this wonderful utility and preserve your favorite photos so that you can cherish your priceless memories forever!


Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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