How do I use an Android device with an Apple Watch?

Is it possible to pair an Apple Watch with an Android phone? The answer is clearly no. It doesn’t matter if your phone is Samsung, OnePlus, or Google, or what version of Android it’s running, there’s no way to pair your Apple Watch with Android.

However, you can set up your Apple Watch with your iPhone and then use it for fitness tracking and other basic functions, while still using your Android phone as your primary phone.

Setting up a mobile Apple Watch with an iPhone

Since the Apple Watch is not compatible with Android, users must use it as a standalone watch. For this, make sure you get the cellular version of the wearable; otherwise, you’ll severely limit his abilities. Then you need to use your iPhone to set up your new Apple Watch. Android phones or even iPads cannot be used to set the clock. Since the Apple Watch uses the Apple ID associated with the device, you must use your own iPhone. Any old iPhone will work as long as Apple still supports it. When setting up a cellular connection on your watch, make sure your Android phone is turned off. In this step, insert the primary SIM card into the iPhone for best results. Once your Apple Watch is connected and set up, you can start installing all your favorite apps. Besides, users can download new apps from the App Store directly to their Apple Watch over a cellular connection without using an iPhone. You’ll also receive notifications from many apps that don’t require an iPhone to work, such as iMessage.


On the other hand, many watchOS apps are not standalone, so the watch needs to be connected to the iPhone to work. For the same reason, you shouldn’t use a GPS-only Apple Watch either, as you won’t be able to use or receive notifications from most watch apps.

The cellular connection also helps the watch get a faster GPS lock, which will help track outdoor activities. It’s worth noting that you may have to pay extra for your watch’s cellular connection, depending on your carrier.

Using your Apple Watch and Android device at the same time

You can now wear your Apple Watch while using your Android phone. Since the two devices cannot connect, you will not receive notifications from your Android phone on your Apple Watch. However, standalone apps on smartwatches that only require an Internet/LTE connection will work fine. This arrangement lets you count your daily steps, create a workout plan, and listen to music through your headphones.

You sometimes need to connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone to sync data. This is also required when the wearable is updated with the latest watchOS version.


Compatibility between Android and Apple Watch

Since Apple Watch is not officially compatible with Android, you can only use the above method. While it’s not ideal, it does allow you to take advantage of the Apple Watch’s health tracking capabilities. Given the extent to which Apple maintains its closed ecosystem, this is unlikely to change in the future. As an Android user, there are various other smart watches you can try, but they all fall short in some ways compared to the Apple Watch.

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