How to Add the Auto-Sweep Feature of Outlook to Gmail?

Sometimes it is a problem to delete the older messages and you would be spending a few hours to do so definitely. There is a way out though. Outlook has the feature called Auto Sweep Feature. This feature lets you delete the messages of a few senders you have specified after a certain period of time. In Gmail, you might have seen that it has the feature of auto purge in the folders of spam and trash. Any mails in these folders for more than 30 days are automatically deleted. Here is how to add the auto-sweep feature of outlook to Gmail.

upgrade-gmailGmail Auto-Purge:

Many people do maintain labels for various newsletters. They also create rules for this and they are archived in Gmail, under the label. These messages, regardless of the fact that they are of no use currently continue to stay in the folder forever and you need to purge them automatically. If you have enabled the option of auto purging, it is possible to get these older mails removed without having to do any manual work that consumes effort and time. With auto purging you can experience other advantages of saving time.

How to initiate Auto Purging in Gmail?

Gmail has no option for initiating auto purging for any specific label, but you can get this done with a simple function. You have a Google Script to enable auto purge for some specific label, which is missing in Gmail. The script works by monitoring the particular rule or label you have designated and then clears off the older mails. If the mails that are exceeded the time of retention you have chosen, then they are deleted automatically.

What is the process?

  1. k-bigpicChange the following label: GMAIL_LABEL to the label you want to auto purge, that is to clear of the mails that have crossed the retention time automatically.
  2. Change PURGE_AFTER date to the date till when you want the retention of messages to be allowed. In simple words, if you want the messages to stay for 30 days, make it 30 and so on.
  3. Go to Run. Then it asks for authorization. To initialize you need to give the required permissions.
  4. No one can access this data because this is your personal script.
  5. Go to Run. Then choose Install
  6. This installs the script of auto purging for your Gmail

email-smackdown-outlook-com-vs-gmail-1789f0b878Then you can come out of the script and then the script continues to monitor the Gmail label from background.

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