How to Download Old Archives of Website from Google Reader?

Google Reader, the most popular and effective RSS Reader online is shutting down permanently on 1st of July 2013. Hence, you can find many sites that tell you how to go for an alternative RSS feed reader that has at least near efficacy of the Google Reader. Not only the RSS Reader of Google, but there are other things that may too disappear with Google Reader and if you want to have something of your own archived, then it is high time, you need to start acting in the right way. Of all the things, a few concern the most. Your RSS subscription will also get terminated. And also, the items that you have starred in Google Reader are bound to get shutdown with the RSS Reader of Google shutting down in a fortnight’s time. So here is how to download old archives of website from Google Reader.

383543What is the process involved?

To get back your RSS subscription and RSS starred items, you need to act immediately. Though the way is very easy, time is of the essence.

  1. Go to
  2. You will find a button Create Archive
  3. Click the button
  4. This ensures that all the files are downloaded in the format of a zip file.

Yes the process is very simple but does not end here.

Role of the scripts:google-reader-256

Though you can retrieve your data from Google Reader, you need to know that Google exports the data in JSON format and the RSS feeds are exported in OPML format. Here the roles of the scripts come in. The exported files can be converted into a readable format. Also, there is another piece of data which you can never find in another RSS service. The archives of your websites or even the archives of other websites that syndicates contents of the web through the RSS feeds are available in Google Reader. However, this feature again will bid bye with the others when the Google Reader gets shut down. But, till then it can be used.

admin-google-reader-archivesTo download the Google Reader Archives, you can find apps and sites helping to paste the website of RSS feed and direct to the Google Reader archives website and the data can be downloaded from these places. It is done by extracting the URL of the RSS feed, then encoding them internally and then a new URL is created. You can also recover the websites that are deleted this way. You need to remember that the archives are downloaded only in JSON format.

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