How to Find Anything on your Computer with Windows Search?

Searching through too many folders and locations to locate this one file that you need urgently is too difficult. At times, you are not even looking into your PC while searching for these files. You are into someone else’s PC with the location a mystery for you. What would you do in such cases?

5121-300x300One solution is to look into every folder and file in that PC. This is a tedious and impossible kind of solution. The ideal solution is to use the Windows desktop search. This one locates the files and folders you are looking for in a matter of seconds. You can use this tool from anywhere right from your desktop start button to your individual folder. A peek into how to use this tool would give you an idea on how to use it. A few tricks and tips would make you well versed on how to find anything on your computer with windows search.

1. Searching for Presentations:b2

There are times when you need to search for a presentation using a single keyword that marks the ppt. You just need to type ext:ppt keyword and this would give you all the documents that contain this keyword in some form or the other. Ext:ppt Filename Keyword would give you all the files that have this keyword in their title. So, searching for relevant ppt has become easier with the desktop search tool.

2. Date Wise File Search:

You remember the date when you had modified or created a particular file but, not the name of the file. You can search for the files created on that date with this tool. All you need to type is date: Range. In that range area you have to mention the date range during which you might have created the file. This would give you a list of files created or modified during this period. You can even search for pictures individually during the mentioned date range to make your life easier.

3. Search with Sizes:300_879369

You want to search for files that are heavy in size you can use this tool bar and search for such files. When you type gigantic in the tool bar, you would be presented with files that are real heavy like huge video files. You can search using the size ranges too to ease your search of videos and other heavy files.

BU009194_XS4. Emails & Folders:

It is easy to search for a certain email or folder using this tool. For Emails you have to either mention the person’s name appearing in To or you would have to mention the date.

Search has indeed become easy with this tool. So, now you know how to locate those important files on a rough day.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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