How to know the sleeping time of anyone on Twitter?

If you are wondering what the sleeping time is all about, and if you are new to this, then it may astonish you that you can now determine the sleeping time of anyone in Twitter. Amazing isn’t it? Yes now, actually you can also find the new version of sleeping time at you want to know the sleeping pattern of any of the Twitter users then you need to know that you need to own a public profile at Twitter. This app was introduced in 2010 and since the time, this app has been used by many to know about the sleeping time and patterns of more than 500,000 Twitter users. The overwhelming response was something extraordinary that even a newspaper had it for the cover page.

4446000019_7727c431c6How this app works is interesting. The app works by reading the time stamp of the 1000 recent tweets of a Twitter user. The hours active and inactive on Twitter are considered to eliminate a few hours that happens to be the sleeping time of the user. You need to sing up with your Twitter account. You can be relieved that this app will have no posts on your Twitter account on your behalf. Now, you can type the name of any of the Twitter users to know their sleeping pattern.

Changes in version2:

  1. The second version of the app can provide accurate details of the sleeping pattern of the Twitter user because the algorithm is tweaked.
  2. The new responsive design is available in the Sleeping time version 2
  3. The app has now got WordPress (PHP) which it is powered internally. Google App Engine (Python) was used by the previous version.twitter-sleep
  4. Even the limitations of Twitter API that would be available from next month can be handled well by the version 2 of this app.

So check out this amazing app and know the sleeping time of your Twitter friends!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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