How to lock your Windows Computer with a transparent lock?

Are you insecure about your computer’s privacy when you are logged in but you go away from it for sometimes? Ease off! Now you can lock your computer with a special type of transparent lock which will secure your documents and programs and at the same time the happenings of your desktop screen can be viewed by everyone. Wondering how is that possible? Here is how to lock your Windows Computer with a transparent lock.

Enter-your-password-to-continue.While in office or at home, usually you lock your computer hastily by the help of the shortcut “Windows logo key + L” before you move away from your desk. This protects your computer from being handled carelessly by others when you are not present near it.

Nevertheless, if you want that your running programs will be visible to others and that too without allowing them to access your computer, then an effective utility known as Clearlock is available to help you out in this regard.

Basically, Clearlock is a very small Windows utility that helps you in locking your computer and simultaneously making the continuing processes visible to everyone by providing your desktop screen with a transparent coating. To be precise, others can see the ongoing processes on your system but they cannot access your desktop unless and until you provide them with your unique password.

In order to activate this utility, first of all you need to start Clearlock and provide an exclusive password to lock your computer screen. After sometimes, the password box will also vanish from the screen.

Hence, this utility can prove to be very effective in retaining your computer’s privacy in offices, departmental stores and even in protecting your computer from being mishandled by small children at home.01-pic-pw

So check out this amazing utility and be assured of your computer’s security even when you are in public places!


Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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