How to Make Google Chrome More Stable with Click to Play?

Sometimes you would have seen a yellow notification in Google Chrome while watching a video. The notification pops up to say that Shockwave Flush plug in is not responding. Google Chrome is the most technically enhanced browsers and you can see how awesome it is to use. But, sometimes most of the people are not far from thinking that Google’s Chrome browser is also the most annoying.One reason is the crash of plug ins all of a sudden. Yes, it is really irritating to get the note that the plug ins stop responding in the middle of the task and it keeps you distracting. Here goes how to make Google Chrome more stable with click to play.

1_122939_2240270_2243151_2243747_100205_tech_chometn.jpg.CROP.original-originalFixing Shockwaves flashes in Chrome:

The first thing you can do and the very simple thing to do is to disable the shockwave flash completely in Google Chrome. To do this go the Google address bar. Then type the following:


You will find the entry as Adobe Flash Player/Shockwave flash. Select disable. This can easily do away with the crashing problem but there arises another one out of it. The reason to look for the shockwave flash plug ins is that the YouTube videos. Though you can make use of the HTML5 to view the YouTube video, which is offered by the site, there are still the most professional content ad videos that require the shockwave flash plugin to view them. Also, it is quite easy to notice that one can easily get more features with the shockwave flash plugins to see videos in the YouTube.

How to run the Flash player on demand inside Google Chrome:k-bigpic

Instead of blocking the plugin, you can see that there exists a better alternative. You can do a configuration set up and make sure that the flash plug in loads only when it asked for. When you do this the plugin stays inactive most of the times and only when the times comes for a website that require flash to load a video, then the flash plugin gets activated on demand. To get this configuration done:

In the address bar of Google Chrome type:

Chrome://settings. This opens the settings windows of Chrome. Now choose,

Shoe advanced settings>content settings>and then choose click to play. This is available under the plug ins group.

google chromeTo enable the flash when required temporarily for any audio or video clip, then just click the flash icon. Though this is not a solution that lasts forever, it is the only solution that is simple to get rid of the yellow notification that says the plugins do not respond and to make the Google Chrome browser more stable.

Swasti Pujari
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