How to post links on Facebook effectively?

Many people promote business using Facebook, which is more of an essential part of marketing strategy these days. Creating a Facebook page is only the initial step, but how are you going to make it a hit is what you need to be concerned about. For instance, your Facebook page might have thousands of fans and followers, but what does not make sense is that any if your post or update does not even get a couple of likes. If your Facebook Page gets only a little attention, then you need to think why. Here is how to post links on Facebook effectively.

Links in Newsfeeds:

If you want your fans to check your Facebook page and become more involved, you cannot expect them to keep checking it, but you should make the links for your pages to appear in their newsfeeds. But, the biggest challenge is that how to make the links appear in the newsfeeds. You need to understand that Facebook has its own working concept. The site decides what sort of newsfeed should appear in the page of the user. The content to be appeared in the user’s newsfeed too is decided by Facebook.

If you want your link to appear, then do not post the link as link. Just post a photograph that looks nice and attractive. Then paste the link in the description of the page. You can see that this way more users view your link. You can see the reference examples online which followed the same idea and the number of viewers have rapidly increased.

When you paste the link in the photo description, make sure that the link is placed in the initial part itself. This is because Facebook displays only the first 3 lines. Also, you need to include only short URLs to make the most out of the short space. You can also enjoy another benefit. The users of your Facebook Page can switch to Photo Stream and all your recent posts are visible.

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