How to recover Yahoo account if you Forgot your Password?

What do you do when you forget any of your mail id’s passwords?  You just click on the “forgot password” option in the sign-in page and the website instructs you to give an alternative mailing address linked to your present account where it can send a password reset link. And then your problem is solved. But how to recover yahoo account if you forget its password?

xUiXari4-yahoo-s-What if the same problem arises for any of your account related to Yahoo services such as Flicker or Yahoo Mail? It is not as easy as recovering the password of other accounts. In this case, you need to follow certain steps to solve your problem.

First of all, Yahoo requires authenticating your identity prior to sending a link for password reset.

For this purpose, you need to give your exact date of birth, country where you stay and the postal code. Only after proper verification of all these details with the information which is stored in your Yahoo profile earlier that Yahoo will send the password reset link to the given alternative mail address.

yahoo-mailHence, your date of birth, country and postal code are very essential constraints while recovering your Yahoo password. So as a precautionary measure visit and carefully note down these three vital details from your Yahoo account which you had provided during the account creation. This can prove to be very helpful for the recovery process if you ever forget the password of your Yahoo account.

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