How to run poll on Google Plus?

Conducting polls and running them are useful features and in this digital complex world, when you can ring them online you can get the intended results. You can find these useful features on Facebook. You can conduct polls on Facebook and people can also participate in the same in their Facebook newsfeed page. This is done with the useful “questions” feature in Facebook. Facebook allows the users to create and run polls in the Facebook page of the users and not on the personal profiles. Here is how to run poll on Google Plus.

google-plus-logo-150Polls in Google Plus:

If you are looking for the features that let you conduct and run polls in Google Plus just like in Facebook pages, then you need to understand that there is no option like in Facebook. But, if you can do some background work you can run polls in Google Plus too. You can make any status update converted to a live poll, if you can do some work in Google Plus.

Conducting Poll on Google Plus:

Go to your Google Plus account and in the share box, pen down your poll question. You need to then workout on the visibility of the status update. You can either choose it to be public if you want more people to take part, or you can even choose the circles that can take part in the poll, and thus restricting the number of people who can take part. Then all your poll options have to be given has separate comments.82643f95163bb0da9bd4b280e2b772ea_thumb_googleplus-totalusers-june2012-250millions For instance, if you are asking who is best actor of the Bond movies, for the character of Bond, you need to enter in separate comments, like Roger Moor, Daniel Craig, and all the others who had performed as Bond on the movies. But, make sure you are fast enough in including the comments. This is because the status update is already published and someone may comment on it. What happens when someone else put in comments after you have given all options in separate comments? Well, that is a good question and that is why you need to disable the comments once you have done the job of finish entering the poll options as comments. If you allow others to comment, then it is a cumbersome task to analyze the result.

google-plus-icons-360Now the others can give their answers by +1 on the comment or options you had given. To know the count of every option you can see the count of +1. Now, you should also understand that the same person can choose all the choices or multiple choices.

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