How to save web pages to Google Drive?

Do you want to save web pages and other web contents to your Google Drive? Recently, a new Chrome add-on has been launched to help you in saving full web pages to Google Drive just by a single click. Here is how to save web pages to Google Drive.

Chrome Web Store - Save to Google DriveThe web pages can be saved in the form of HTML files, .mht files or as Google Documents since in these cases the total page is arranged into one web archive file which can be conveniently opened in other web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox at a later period of time.

This useful service also helps in saving other web files such as PDF documents or images. For this purpose, you just need to right-click on your desired image on the web page and save it to the online Google Drive account that you have created. Besides, the add-on can be set up for saving a constant screenshot image (of PNG format) of the present web page. Moreover, it is also helpful in saving PDFs, audios, videos or office files from the web to Google Drive if the file size is less than 25 MB.

However, the add-on will save all the files in the Google Drive’s default folder and that location cannot be changed as per your suitability. Furthermore, the images or web pages will at first be saved to your computer and then will be uploaded to your Google Drive account instead of transferring those directly. But, downloading the Google Drive app to your computer is not a necessity for this to google drive

Hence, keeping aside these minor glitches, this service can prove to be very useful for you. So, try it out and save your favorite web pages as well as images and other documents from the web to your Google Drive conveniently!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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