How to send Multiple Direct Messages on Twitter?

Are you excited to know how to send multiple direct messages on Twitter? Here is a simple way to help you out in this regard.

shutterstock_83338798-300x300Basically, direct messages in Twitter are meant for sending private tweets which can be viewed only by the receiver and the sender. As in the case of an email, when a direct message is sent in Twitter, it is saved in the Twitter inbox of the receiver as well as in the inbox of the receiver.

At the same time, Twitter has set some constraints in this sending process. The direct messages can be sent from your twitter account to desired users only if they are following you and also, at one time, you can send only one direct message.

But sometimes you also face certain situations which require you to send such private messages in Twitter to multiple users. For example, if during a special occasion, you have received a number of wishes from multiple users and you want to reply all of them with thanks, then instead of replying them individually you can simply send the reply as a private message to all of their inbox simultaneously.Social-Oomph-For-Twitter-300x300

Though it is not an inbuilt feature of Twitter, yet this can be done by the help of an online app known as TweetGuru which allows you to send a single message to multiple users at a time.

For this purpose, you just need to validate the app with your present Twitter account and include the names of all the users to whom you are interested to send the message in Twitter. This innovative app, TweetGuru allows you to send a direct message to as many as 12 users concurrently.

Hence, try out this creative app and save half of your valuable time by sending messages synchronously to multiple Twitter users!


Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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