How to setup iPad mini?

Recently bought an iPad mini? Worried about setting it up? Fret not! The following guide will help you out to set up your new iPad mini conveniently.

First of all you will need to have access to a Wi-Fi or internet connection.

ipad-miniSelecting a language:

In the first step, you need to select a language as per your specification and then go to the next stage by pressing ‘Next’.

Selecting a country or region:

The next step is to select the country you live in.

Selecting the correct Wi-Fi network:

Then a list showing the Wi-Fi networks available in your region will be displayed. So if you are doing the set up from your home, then you can find your Wi-Fi network under the Choose a Network menu. After that it will ask you to enter your password.

Activating the iPad mini:

Since you have linked the iPad mini with the Wi-Fi network now, Apple will begin the course of initializing the iPad. This process should usually finish within five to ten seconds.

Enabling the Location services:

An option is present to enable the location services. Once it is enabled, social apps such as Twitter and Facebook will be able to show your present location. If you don’t want to use this service then you can also switch it off later.

Setting up the iPad mini:

Then it will ask you whether you are a new user of an iPad or an existing user. If you are a new user, you need to choose the option ‘Set Up as New iPad’.

Having an Apple ID:

As your iPad mini is now ready for use, you can download various apps, t v, movies, music, etc by using iTunes. For this purpose, you need to create an account in iTunes or else you can also login directly if you already have an Apple ID.

iCloud function:

iCloud is a function in the iPad mini that helps in storing your apps, contacts, photos, calendars, etc.  It drives the contents to your device in a wireless manner. You will also be provided with a free storage space of 5GB. You can also purchase another 10GB of memory by spending an additional $20.

Messaging option:

The latest iPad mini has an HD camera feature which is convenient for doing video chat with friends and close ones. It also has the feature of sending free messages to other iPhones and iPad having iMessage. An iPad setup wizard is present which gives you a list having the email addresses of your near and dear ones from which you can select the desired addresses.

Captivating Siri:

Siri is one of the best features of features of iOS6. It serves as your personal voice assistant and can provide you any information you want. It is a really addictive feature and continuous refinement in its attributes is making it more and more appealing day by day.


If you do not have any problem with sharing some of the non-personal information with Apple, then you can always chose the ‘Automatically Send’ option. Or else you can anytime deselect this option if you do not wish to send information to Apple.

Registartion Process:

Finally you need to register your iPad mini with Apple. This helps them in providing you with speedier access to any sort support related problems or queries.

Your iPad mini is now ready for use. So go ahead and have fun with your recently owned Apple’s latest innovation.


Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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