How to start programs from the Windows Start Menu?

Do you prefer using your keyboard for launching various programs instead of your mouse? If yes, then here are some useful tips on how to start programs from the windows start menu.

Default_Sort_Order_Start_Menu_Programs_Windows_7Basically, in windows the start menu provides a convenient way to launch your desired programs or to open folders by the help of only keyboard. You don’t even need to use your mouse for this purpose!

This statement can be explained through certain examples, like if you wish to launch a program such as Windows Media Player on your system, then you simply need to press the Windows key present on your keyboard or else you can select the start button and in the search box, you just need to type Windows Media Player.

This function can save more than half of your time which is usually wasted by scrolling your mouse here and there. So it is very useful for people who are very busy and run short of time.

Initiating a program directly from the start menu:

If you are looking a useful file or program in the search box of your start menu, then you simply need to type the initials of the program instead of writing the full name of the file or program in the search box. This process will make your work easier and will help you in saving a lot of time.

For example if you are searching for Windows Media Player, then you simply need to type “w m p” instead of writing the full name of the program, and the specified program will be displayed to you. Then you just need to press Enter. Likewise, you can use the shortcuts as “g c” for Google Chrome, “i e” for Internet Explorer, “m w” for Microsoft Windows, etc.

Moreover, this function is also effective for differentiation purposes among the multiple versions of a specified program. Take for instance, the Mozilla Firefox. For opening Mozilla Firefox 3.6, you need to type “fi 3” while typing “fi 4” will open the current version, i.e., Mozilla Firefox 4.68440ea7-68ec-4e2f-ad4f-b33006455983_56

Hence, implement these simple tips to make your work much easier. These tricks will also let you save half of your valuable time which can be utilized for accomplishing other creative works and also for spending some quality time with family and friends!

Swasti Pujari
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