How to unlock iPhone 4?

Are you an iPhone user and thinking how to unlock iPhone 4 in order to allow it to use a SIM card from any provider? Then here we are to provide you with a convenient way to help you unlock  iPhone 4 easily.

Prior to moving forward, you need to disable the iTunes helper application that may be a hindrance in the process of installation. Once you are sure that the iTunes is not functioning, open OS X’s activity monitor present in the utilities section of the applications folder. There, search and go to the iTunes helper and select the quit process option displayed at the topmost corner of the screen.

iphone 4For this purpose, you require your iPhone, data card and a fast Wi-Fi connection to the internet.


Installing AppTapp:

You need to download a program known as ‘AppTapp’ developed by a different enterprise. Install and run the program in your iPhone 4. Once you run the program, it will ask the version of your installed firmware. Select it and proceed forward. After this step, you should get the message “congratulations! You have successfully installed AppTapp installer in your phone”. Then you should get a new application known as installer in the home screen of your iPhone 4.

Now you need to connect your iPhone to the internet to download some other required applications such as install Order community sources, BSD subsystems and openSSH.

Performing the GSM unlocks:

First of all, you need to download and install, lockdownd and cyberduck.

In your iphone’s general settings, you will find set Auto-Lock to Never. Then you need to provide your iPhone’s IP address on your local network. For this, go to the Wi-Fi and select the blue arrow next to network to which you are connected. For future reference, note down that IP address.

Then open cyberduck and select the Open Connection option present at the top corner. There, type the noted address in the connection window. Now assure that you have chosen the SFTP (SSH secure file transfer) and use port 22. Then provide ‘root’ as the username and ‘dottie’ as password.

Now after getting connected, move from private/var/root to the main directory by selecting the / item. Then move to /usrlibexec and drag and drop the lockdownd file there, which was downloaded previously. Select continue when it ask your permission for overwriting the existing file there.

Again drag the unlock file from the desktop screen into the /Applications folder at the top of the main window in cyberduck.

After this process is over, switch off your iPhone 4 and remove the SIM card. Then switch it on again and select the unlock application in your iPhone 4.

Then you should get a message on your screen saying “All files found.Ready to go.Please start”. Once you start the process, it will install the required files in around 20 minutes. Besides, it will also display the progress message during the ongoing process. Finally, you will get the “completed” message when the process is over. Now your iPhone 4 is ready to accept a new SIM card.

Henceforth, you successfully unlocked your iPhone 4 !

Swasti Pujari
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