How to upload photos to Facebook from Windows Live Photo Gallery?

Are you in search of a suitable way how to upload photos to Facebook from Windows Live Photo Gallery? Here is a simply tricks to let you do so.

Recently, Windows Live Photo Gallery has included an add-in feature, Live Upload that helps you in uploading photos from your desktop to the Facebook

Usually, this feature is beneficial for those who handle multiple Facebook accounts and want to share the same photos in both their Facebook accounts.

Take for example a situation when you and one of closest friends have gone for an outing or picnic and both of you want to share the same photos from your respective Facebook accounts with the same circle of mutual friends you both have. In such cases, from now on there won’t be any need to share your friend’s album.  Rather you both can upload the desired photos as well as videos in both of your profiles simultaneously.

For this purpose, you simply need to install the Facebook plug-in, then choose the specific photos you want to upload in Facebook and select “Live Upload to Facebook” present in the publish (1)

Windows Live Gallery preliminarily supports publishing of photos to Flickr. And now by introduction of this new plug-in, it became easier to share exactly similar photos in both Flickr as well as Facebook accounts. Moreover, it also helps in transferring the fellow people tags along with your photos.

Hence, try this process out and start uploading photos to multiple accounts more conveniently and quickly!


Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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