If You Are Sick Of Rains This Monsoon, Then Watch This Hilariously Honest Parody of The Song ‘In The End’

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Rains are good. The earthy smell, the wind, the greenery all around, the water droplets on the windows. Rains make us feel romantic. However, if we think practically, rains create a hell lot of problems for middle-class families who have to step out and go to work, schools or colleges in public transports or open vehicles even on rainy days.

If you are one such person who have been a victim of continuous heavy rains and think that rains are a pain in the ass, then this hilarious monsoon song Ft. Leakin’ Park by TheViralFeverVideos is just for you.

Check it out and have a good laugh 😀

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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