10 Latest Indian Web Series Which Are Far Better Than The Boring Saas-Bahu Sagas On Television

Bored of the age old soap operas and saas-bahu sagas that run on television year after year without any content? Well, being a part of today’s technological era, for us, accessing the internet is just a click away. Being so easily vulnerable to the web, now a days we prefer to watch foreign movies and series from all across the world which have much more interesting and creative content rather than wasting time watching the Indian soap operas on TV like Sasural Simar Ka, Balika Badhu, Ye Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai and the likes that just refuse to stop.

Once we are done watching our favorite foreign series, we again go on a hunt for something new that can be a li’l more relatable to us as Indians. India too has adapted the concept of web series with many new production houses and budding artists showing interest to work on something different. The much relatable story lines and fresh contents of these web series are attracting the attention of not only viewers and newcomers but also of famous artists who are willing to be a part of these low budget series.

Earlier we compiled a list of the best Indian web series of all time for you, which we are sure, you must have finished watching already. So here we have gathered a fresh collection of 10 recent Indian web series which you would love to watch in your spare time. Have a look:

1. Girl In The City


This brand new series by bindass is the story about Meera Sehgal, a simple yet ambitious girl from Dehradun who comes to Mumbai with big dreams of becoming a successful fashion designer. The series shows Meera’s struggle while exploring the new city and how she has to pass through a lot of hurdles while being an intern at a famous fashion house. It’s entertaining to watch cute Meera’s roller coaster journey in the city of dreams.

Watch the trailer here.


2. Life Sahi Hai


‘Life Sahi Hai’ is a light-hearted humorous sitcom produced by Luv Ranjan of ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ fame. The story depicts the life of four guys who have recently moved to Delhi to live independently for the first time in their lives. They keep falling in challenging situations every now and then, may it be while dealing with their girlfriends, bosses or even with each other. However, in spite of all odds, they always try to see the lighter side of life and believe that ‘Life Sahi Hai’.

Watch the trailer here.


3. Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa


This new web series by YFilms is one of it’s kind and is a very good attempt at providing sex education in our country from an early age. Talking about sex is a taboo in our country even in this modern era. Most of the schools either don’t include sex education in their curriculum or if it is there, then the teachers just prefer to skip the topic somehow. From masturbation & periods to condoms, pregnancy and homosexuality, the digital web series focuses on providing information on every aspect related to sex but in a clean and honest way. Pappu, a 7-year old boy keeps asking random questions about sex to his father, who initially tries to avoid his son’s curious questions. But soon enough he realizes that it’s better to clarify his son’s doubts from an early age so that he can be well informed about the topic. He tries to do so through a transparent conversation with his son in his best possible ability which is fun to watch.

Watch the trailer here.


4. Men…The Real Victims


This hilarious web series by Shitty Ideas Trending is a satirical take on how guys become victims of girls’ self-assertive nature on various occasions. The plot revolves around Ashwin and his wife Shalini, who keep having small arguments with each other due to their difference of opinions. The subject they choose for each episode is very relatable to couples and will give you a good laugh.

Watch their latest episode here.


5. PDT Saini Sahab 


PDT Saini Sahab is a comedy sketch by PuraniDiliTalkies which shows the insecurities of a modern day father having a child of uber cool mindset. Each episode deals with a different subject which is shown in a hilarious way and carries a message along with it.

Watch one of their episodes here.


6. I Don’t Watch TV


#LaughterGames I Don’t Watch TV – An Arre Original Web Series is kind of a spoof which shows behind-the-scenes drama, struggle and craziness of the Indian television industry. So if you are one of those who don’t like watching television, then you will definitely enjoy this series which openly accepts the fact that neither the viewers are happy with TV nor the actors working on it.

Watch the trailer here.


7. Not Fit


‘Not Fit’ is a Mockumentary web-series by Dice Media in association with TheViralFeverVideos that shows the life of a struggling actor in Mumbai named Neerav Kapoor (Nero), who keeps giving numerous auditions in the city of dreams in the hope of making it big as an actor in the entertainment industry someday. The series is something different and you will enjoy the light-hearted comedy and satire in it.

Watch the trailer here.


8. Better Life Foundation


‘Better Life Foundation’ is another Mockumentary by All India Bakchod featuring famous comediennes like Kanan Gill, Biswa Layan Rath, Abish Mathew and the likes. The series has some tremendous sarcastic one-liners.

Watch the trailer here.


9. All About Section 377


The name itself suggests the subject of this web series by The Creative Gypsy. The story revolves around a guy who shifts to Mumbai with the dreams of becoming an actor. However, after moving there, he is shocked when he finds out that his brother, who is a photographer is actually gay. The series which is filled with a lot of humor quotient explains Section 377 in brief and tells us how the society should get over it.

Watch the trailer here.


10. 3 South Indian Boys in Space – STAR BOYZ


The title itself suggests the subject of this hilarious web series by Kenny Sebastian. The series depicts the “under-whelming” adventure of three South Indian boys,  Kenny, Naveen and Mani in space on board the star ship “yemma watson”. Their funny encounter with aliens, planets, cutlets and ‘trouble’ is definitely a treat to watch.

Watch the trailer here.

Here is a special mention to an upcoming web series:

Shaadi Boys:


This upcoming web series by Voot Originals looks interesting from it’s trailer. It’s about bachelors (Funnily named as Neil, Nitin, Mukesh), babes and a grand Indian wedding. 

Watch the trailer here.

So, start binge watching now!

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