This Heart-touching Video About The Beautiful Relation Between A Mother And Daughter Will Bring You To Tears


The beautiful relation between a mother and daughter is  inexplicable. They are not only the best of friends who share every little sorrow and joy with each other but they also have their moments of fights and misunderstandings.

From the day we take our first steps to the day we grow up into a young lady, we share every happy and sad moments of our lives with our mother. Once we grow up, there are times, when we feel that our mother doesn’t understand us anymore but no one can change the fact that our mother knows us the best. No matter how old we become, we always need our mother and her warm hug to soothe us whenever we are in distress. She is the best doctor and healer for all our problems.

It is rightly said that we can fully understand our mother only when we step into her shoes. Watch this heart-warming video by Cello World titled ‘Main Aur Maa’ which will make you feel like hugging your lovely mom right away. This awesome video is a total tear-jerker. So keep a box of tissue with you while watching it.

Love you Maa!



Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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