What is Gangnam style?

Gangnam style, performed by the famous Korean pop star PSY, is the most recent cross border pop hit which has gone viral over the internet and has become the most sensational music video of the year. It is the first ever music video that has been viewed more than a billion times on YouTube till now. The site claims that the video has broken the records of the site surpassing even Justin Bieber’s famous number “Baby”.

Literally, Gangnam style indicates the lifestyle of the high society people in Korea’s one of the posh localities where people are known to be cool, trendy and portrays class.

Recently, this video has been added to “The Guinness book of world records” for being the most liked videos on YouTube. Because of its uniqueness, the Gangnam style video has created a rage not only among youngsters but also among the people of all generations globally. It is being played everywhere from parties, discos, functions to casual events and gatherings. Presently, it has become the global anthem for youths. The song has been successful in reaching out to a large crowd even in the most remote corners of the world where there is lack of proper communication channels.

psyWhy Gangnam style became so popular?

  1. First of all, the video’s unique horse galloping dance step makes it very eye catching. Besides being exclusive, the step is also very simple for people to easily imitate it. It is funny as well as entertaining and can be performed by anyone in a lighter mood in several occasions.
  2. Furthermore, the foot tapping music of the Gangnam style song easily draws the attention of its listeners. That is why the song has been widely accepted by people all over the world despite the language barrier.
  3.  To add to this, the video has been made more colorful by using a large number of backgrounds, vibrant colored costumes and even by the presence of various personalities who are renowned in their own fields.
  4. Moreover, the presence of PSY himself in the Gangnam style video has been an added advantage for its popularity. His enthusiastic and unique dance moves as well as amazing expressions add passion to the song. He carried off the entire thing very well which helped in taking the video where it is today.
  5. Last but not the least, rigorous endorsements and PSY’s frequent media and public appearances helped the Gangnam style video gain more prominence.

The speedy success of this video in such a short period of time is phenomenal and it won’t be that easy for someone else to replicate and come up with an idea like this for years to come.

Here is the statistics for the video till 1st of January, 2013:


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