To whom is Ranbir Kapoor giving flying kisses??


Recently Ranbir Kapoor recorded a video message where he is saying sweet things to someone and giving flying kisses. Who is this for?

Well this video is for a Pakistani actress, VJ and model named Mawra Hocane who claims to be one of the biggest fans of Ranbir Kapoor. When Ranbir came to know about this die-hard fan from one of his friends and director Imtiaz Ali who is also friends with Mawra, he showed a pleasant gesture by sending her this sweet video message.

Isn’t it adorable? Even though the video message from Ranbir must have made Mawra ecstatic, yet it broke millions of hearts of his female fans all over the world who must be expecting such a lovely gesture from Ranbir for themselves.

Watch the cute video and enjoy 🙂

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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