How to delete files from computer permanently?

Did you recently delete some private files from your computer and you are still not sure whether the files were erased completely or not? Here is a convenient way to let you know how to delete files from computer permanently.

How-to-delete-files-permanently-using-EraserDrop Whenever you delete a file from your computer, it shows up to be erased permanently but a tech professional can easily restore those files by the help of certain data recovery software. This is because when a file is being deleted, the data is not completely removed from the beginning, but only the space employed to the deleted data on the disk is unassigned and that space is free to be used by a new data when it is written to the disk. So, as long as this space is not overwritten by another data, the deleted data can be recovered by the help of data recovery software.

So, in order to remove the confidential files permanently, a free command line utility known as “SDelete” or Secure Delete is made available by Microsoft Corporation which helps in overwriting the entire free space to avoid the problems of data recovery.

Besides, this SDelete file can be used for deleting the existing file securely as well as for erasing any available file data securely that is present in the unassigned region of a disk.delete_files_permanently__file_shredder__utilities_file___disk_management-54076

Hence, the SDelete file is very useful in erasing your files completely thereby securing your privacy from being hampered. So give it a try!


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