How to download files directly from the web to your drives online?

You can now save all the files directly as you download in your online drives just by using an app. There are no extensions required and the app performs well even on the mobile devices. Using this app you can now get all the files downloaded directly to the online drives like Google Drive, DropBox and SkyDrive, which means that you can save time and efforts. The app can be used on any of the clouds. You need to start off with copying the internet files to the cloud using the cloud. Here is how to download files directly from the web to your drives online.


All you need to do to begin with is in the input box put the URL of any of the web file. And then you need to pick the storage service. This brings the result of the copy of the file present in the storage service you had chosen. This takes a fraction of seconds and nothing more than that. Also, there is another choice of placing the web page URLs in the input box and this makes sure that the online drive you choose is now loaded with the HTML page of the web page URL you have chosen.


There are many pros and the important one is that you need not go looking for a 3 G data connection to transfer your files from your phone and mobile devices. Not even a byte of data connection is needed to download files directly. This means that you can get job done faster and easier as everything happens over the cloud. You can save files quickly in the online drives for storage using this app.Google-Drive-icon_270x208

Many people cannot use a certain web page because of the proxy. Many work places do not allow the employees to use the online sites, or at least a few of them are blocked. In other cases, a few countries do not allow a few sites. If you know the URL of the site, then this app acts a proxy and then the data is saved in the online drive regardless of the fact, whether the web page can be accessed in your office or in your resident country. But you need to make sure that you know the right URL to get the intended results.

k-bigpic (2)For the users of Chromebook this app is really a great advantage. SkyDrive and DropBox online drives cannot be used in Chrome. They cannot install these in their systems and will find this a great alternative. This application for saving files in the cloud is powered by Ink File Picker. You can also see that Podcast Gallery too is powered by Ink File Picker. You can try Side Cloud Lord or URL Droplet. But these file saving apps work only with DropBox.

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