How to use a timer when taking selfies or reels on Instagram

Since the beginning, Instagram has continuously updated its platform with the latest features. In addition to photo sharing, people can also broadcast live, make short videos and promote their business through Instagram. Here we will discuss how to use a timer when taking selfies or reels on Instagram.

How to set a timer for Instagram selfies?

Most of us know Instagram Stories, which allows you to upload photos and videos that disappear automatically after 24 hours. You can directly use the Instagram camera to take selfies or videos. However, sometimes you may want to set a timer to provide good posture. But Instagram does not allow you to set a timer when taking a selfie from the Instagram camera. For this, there are other techniques. You can click the selfie on the front camera of your smartphone to use the timer. Below we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to set the timer on your smartphone:

  1. Firstly, turn on the front camera on the smartphone.
  2. Click on the “Timer” icon at the top of the screen. The location of the timer icon depends on your smartphone brand.
  3. After that, you can choose any duration icon between 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 5 seconds and 10 seconds.
  4. Now, press the click button and the countdown starts. Then you can pose before the camera clicks on your selfie.
  5. After taking a selfie, you are required to open your Instagram account. Click the “plus” icon located at the top of the homepage.
  6. Select the “Story” option and upload your selfie from your gallery. Once that’s done, you can use the effects, stickers, and music on Instagram.
  7. Now you are ready to share the story with your Instagram family.


How to set a timer for the Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels has been very popular since its launch. This feature was launched last year as an alternative to TikTok. previously, a person could only record up to 15 seconds of video. Then it increased to 30 seconds, and this year Instagram allowed users to capture videos up to 60 seconds long. As discussed above, Instagram does not have a built-in function to set a timer, while using Instagram’s camera to take selfies. However, the app allows you to set a timer for the reels. Here is how you can set the timer before shooting the reels.

  1. First of all, open your Instagram application and click on the “plus” icon located at the top of the homepage. Then click on the “Reels” option. Or, you can swipe right to open the camera, and you can see options such as posts, stories, reels, and live options. You have to click on the “Reels” option.
  2. Now you will be able to see the “Timer” icon on the screen and will get two countdown options of 3 seconds and 10 seconds. Select and click the “Set Timer” option.
  3. Finally, your timer is set. You can now use audio, speed, effects, etc. to shoot your reels. Instagram also allows you to check your reels before posting.


Swasti Pujari
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