Zomato Share Price Hits 52-Week High

Zomato’s share price reached a remarkable 52-week high on August 7, 2023, as the stock gained as much as 7.7% to Rs 102.85 on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). This milestone marked the first time Zomato shares crossed the Rs 100 mark since January 2022, reflecting a significant turnaround for the company.

What Happened?

Zomato reported an ahead-of-schedule net profit for the June quarter of FY24, a first in the company’s history. The consolidated net profit for April-June 2023 was Rs 2 crore, compared to a loss of Rs 186 crore in the same period last year. This news led to a surge in investor confidence, driving the share price to new heights.

Zomato’s Growth and Profits

Consolidated revenue from operations in Q1 of the current fiscal year was Rs 2,416 crore, compared to Rs 1,414 crore last year. The growth in sales and profits reflects the company’s advanced strategies and investment in services, leading to a rally in Zomato’s share price.

Some analysts caution that the company still has a long way to go to become EBITDA positive, and there may be profit booking and potential concerns about high valuations in the future.

Future Predictions for Zomato Share Price

The future of Zomato looks promising, with predictions for continued growth and potential to reach new target prices by 2025. However, questions remain:

Is Zomato undervalued?

Some market analysts believe that Zomato’s current share price does not fully reflect the company’s potential, especially considering its innovative business strategies and expansion into new markets. Others argue that the valuation is justified given the competitive landscape and inherent risks in the food delivery industry.

What is the target price of Zomato in 2025?

Predicting the target price of a stock is always a complex task, and opinions vary widely. Some experts foresee a steady climb in Zomato’s share price, driven by increased profitability and market share. Others are more cautious, citing potential challenges such as regulatory changes or increased competition.

Investors and market analysts continue to watch Zomato’s performance closely, with mixed opinions on its long-term prospects.

Founder’s Perspective

Zomato’s founder and director have expressed optimism about the company’s future. They believe that the recent profits and share price surge are just the beginning of a new era for Zomato. The leadership is focused on sustainable growth, investment in technology, and expanding services to new regions.

In recent interviews, the founder has emphasized the importance of customer satisfaction and innovation in driving the company’s success. He has also acknowledged the challenges ahead, including the need to maintain quality while scaling operations and navigating regulatory landscapes.

The founder’s vision for Zomato extends beyond immediate profits. He sees the company as a leader in transforming the way people connect with food and dining experiences. This long-term perspective aligns with the company’s mission and values and may be a key factor in attracting and retaining investors.


Zomato’s share price and future prospects are subjects of keen interest and debate among investors and analysts. The company’s recent success and the founder’s vision provide reasons for optimism, but the road ahead is filled with uncertainties and opportunities. As Zomato continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing market dynamics, it remains a stock to watch and a symbol of innovation in India’s burgeoning tech industry.


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