Top 10 Most Popular eCommerce Websites Of The World

Top 10 Most Popular eCommerce Websites Of The World

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In today’s technological world, online shopping has been the latest trend. Now you can just sit at the comfort of your house, browse through a wide range of products and order whatever you like. You don’t have to take the hassle of going into crowded places or standing in queues.

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Top 10 Tools for Checking Duplicate Content

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Duplicate content can be a real threat for your website’s ranking. So it is advisable to have routine checks of your website’s contents. Are you worried that your website’s content is being copied by others? Fret not ! Here we have shortlisted the top 10 tools for checking duplicate content to release your tension of your contents being duplicated. So check out this beneficial list and take suitable precautionary measures. Continue reading

Top 10 most popular Google Plus Pages

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An interesting list of the top 10 famous pages on Google Plus

With the increasing popularity of Google Plus, many companies have created their respective company pages on this recent social media platform. After Facebook, lately Google + has been declared as the most used social media platform, leaving behind Twitter. So let’s check out which pages have become famous on this social media site recently. Continue reading

Top 10 best Online Shopping Websites in India

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List of top 10 most preferred websites for online shopping in India

Want to go shopping but bored of the repetitive stocks available at your nearby stores? Relax! Now you can get your desired products by sitting at home itself and that too at affordable prices. Moreover, these online shopping websites provide really fast home delivery services. Here we have displayed a list of top 10 best online shopping websites in India for your convenience. Continue reading

Is there an alternative for Google Reader?


Google is known for shutting down the products that do not provide good profits to it. So the questions arises- “Is there an alternative for Google Reader?” A few such examples are Picnic, the image editor, the clipping tool Notebook, the podcast client Listen, Google Desktop, the Offline search software, the free edition of Google Apps, Google SMS Channels, the personalized Google page called iGoogle, and the now in the list you can find the Google Reader. Continue reading

How to set reminders to follow up starred emails in Gmail?


If you are one among the busy people, who tend to get important emails often and then if you are not able to reply to the mail quickly, then you would eventually end up in starring the email. When you star a message, it means that the message has been marked important and if you are not going to do it, the thousands of messages that come in make you forget it. Here is how to set reminders to follow up starred emails in Gmail. Continue reading