How to make YouTube safe for children?

YouTube has become a much loved video platform all over the world and is also very popular among children. Many videos are quite beneficial to children’s mental health, however since last year, there have been many disagreements that children may be watching contents that are not appropriate as per their age or contents that are not suitable for them.

In order to solve these problems, YouTube launched a YouTube kids app designed specifically for children, because the content is really child-friendly. In fact parents can access many options there to ensure that their children have content appropriate for their age and will not access any inappropriate content.

However, even YouTube Kids is facing complaints from many parties. They stated that the app displayed some inappropriate advertisements in terms of privacy, content, junk food, and even displayed some contents containing suicidal techniques, which is actually very dangerous for children’s tender brains. Therefore, it is important to keep this type of content totally away from children.


Setting a password for the YouTube Kids App

Setting a password is very useful for keeping children away from sensitive content because they have to bypass you.

1. Open the YouTube kids app on iOS or Android, and click the lock button. It is in the lower right corner.

2. Then solve the math problem there and click Submit.

3. Set a suitable four-digit password, and then confirm. By using a password, you can access the application’s settings and its restrictions. If children don’t know the password at all, they will not be able to exceed YouTube’s children’s restrictions.

Methods to keep children safe in YouTube Kids

After logging in to your account, you should follow certain steps to ensure your child’s safety.

1. Open the YouTube kids app.

2. Click the lock button at the bottom right. Enter the password here.

3. Click Settings, and then enter your child’s profile name.

4. Enter the Gmail password and log in.

5. For removing search option, “Disable” allows searching. In this way, your child will not be able to find YouTube kids’ videos.

6. You will need to enable approved content. Once you do that, go to the main screen of the app and select the channels from where you want your child to watch the video. In this way, the channel is properly approved by a human curator.

7. Enable the “Pause Watching Record” function to not allow your child to watch the video from video views and search terms mainly for the recommended video. If you are not logged in, most options can be found under settings you can manage, but settings with parental controls will not be available.


Restricting your kids’ time on YouTube kids

1. Open YouTube Kids and click the lock icon.

2. Tap the timer, and then set the time limit between 1 and 60 minutes.

3. Then click on start timer.

Moreover, you can also report inappropriate videos on YouTube kids.

Swasti Pujari
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