25 Awesome Christmas Wallpapers

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An ultimate collection of 25 best Christmas wallpapers for your desktop and laptop screens

Its Christmas time and all of us are excited to decorate everything around us, including our electronics gadgets, to have that special feel of festivity. Here we have collected for you the 25 most beautiful Christmas wallpapers to suit the mood of this festive season. Continue reading

Top 10 free Media Players

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An ultimate list of top 10 best media players for media addicts

Almost everyone out there love music in some forms or the other. In order to play your favorite mp3 and videos, you need to have a good media player supporting all the functions. So here we have collected the top 10 free media players for you where you can play your favorite digital music, videos, CDs as well as DVDs. Continue reading

How to create Custom Recovery Images for Windows 8?


Many people use windows 8 processor but sadly they don’t know many of its features and functions like how to restore data, files etc. You are able to conjointly produce recovery pictures of favorite programs and settings. This attribute conjointly permits to get rid of bloatware that comes with a new computer from the recovery image. Once you employ Refresh or Reset, you notice favorite programs installed, system settings tweaked, and bloatware expelled. Here is how to create custom recovery images for Windows 8. Continue reading

How to share files between your mobile phones and computer?

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It is quite common to own various digital data, for instance, photos, ebooks, videos and much more in various devices like computers, mobiles and tablets. If you want them to stay collectively in a specific device, then you can get to know how to do that here. You can here learn to move data between mobile and web based applications. So here is how to share files between your mobile phones and computer. Continue reading

How to use Animated GIFs and Make a Software Demo?


When you do not require audio narration for a software demo, help video and other related things, then you can make use of the animated GIFs to do the tasks without much efforts. If you prefer screencast videos, then you need to understand that there are many pros of using animated GIFs. The main reason is that people love to share these online, mostly on Google Plus and Tumblr. Continue reading