How to Download Microsoft Office 2013?

A new version of office from Microsoft is awaited to be released next year, the Microsoft Office 2013 or the Office 15. The new office’s release version can be got from MSDN and Tech Net Subscribers. You can get to see the minimalistic features, integrated with SkyDrive. Do not worry if you have not subscribed for MSDN or Tech NET. You can still download and install this new version if you use the Windows 7 or Windows 8 in your computer. Here is how to download Microsoft Office 2013.

Free Download Microsoft Office 2013 Full VersionOptions to download:

Option 1:

  • Go to
  • Download full featured edition of office 13. This edition includes Word, PowerPoint, Exel, OutLook, OneNote, Publisher and Microsoft Access
  • This is the 365 Home Premium review of Microsoft Office
  • Install the set up in your computer
  • The Office 2013 can be instantly used after installation
  • Microsoft click to installation is used for this’
  • For this just download the 500 KB installer
  • All the Microsoft apps are set up in your computer

Option 2:

You can also download Office 2013 from the TechNet Website. You need a LiveID of Windows for this. This is not a preview version but a final version. You can decide on the office programs you need to be installed on your computer.

Which is the apt one?newofficeorange4_320x245

The 365 preview has no expiry period. The Microsoft Office Pro is available for a trial period of 60 days. The preview will get expired after the same is available in the market. So, you get enough time to get to know about the Microsoft Office Pro. The 365 Preview can run along your existing Microsoft version, but the Office 2013 will override the existing one. 2013 preview has click to run and so streams are released quickly to the system and 2013 pro is not like it. While there is not exact release date specified you can get the Microsoft 2010 upgraded to 2013 for free, if you buy it now.

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