How to Use Your Cell Phone as a Modem?

Internet Mobiles

One of the most common queries asked regarding mobile computing is a way to connect a cellular phone to a laptop or computer for web access. Though tethering is not troublesome to execute, the solution could be a bit difficult as wireless carriers have totally different rules and policies for permitting the process of tethering. Continue reading

A Podcast Directory with the integration features of Dropbox and Google Drive


When you want to listen to audio podcasts or view the video podcasts, then you need software programs or apps to make it possible. If you do not want to use any apps or programs, then make used of the Podcast Gallery, which is available from April 2013. There is also a video in the YouTube that can tell you all about this Podcast Gallery. Here is some useful information about a podcast directory with the integration features of dropbox and Google drive. Continue reading

How to Make Google Chrome More Stable with Click to Play?


Sometimes you would have seen a yellow notification in Google Chrome while watching a video. The notification pops up to say that Shockwave Flush plug in is not responding. Google Chrome is the most technically enhanced browsers and you can see how awesome it is to use. But, sometimes most of the people are not far from thinking that Google’s Chrome browser is also the most annoying. Continue reading

How to set your location in Google Chrome?


Your geographical location has a great deal to do with your searches you make online. For instance if you want to hire an agent for refurbishing your house and you look for the same on the internet, the agents close to your place are listed. You can also see that when you search for the gas stations online, when you are to move, you get to know the gas stations that are near to your geographical location and this is the reason why many browsers request to access your geographical location. Here is how to set your location in Google Chrome. Continue reading