7 minutes workouts for busy professionals

In a day packed with work schedules, no one can dream of workouts that do not tamper the day’s work. Even if you want to keep fit, you would not be able to do the exercises as you are busy and never imagine going to the gyms and do the workouts regularly. When fitness awareness grows day by day, also grows the rate of obesity and other issues related to one’s health. Thank heavens that you have too many options and enjoy a better health these days and the apps too are helpful when it comes to doing exercises. Here are some 7 minutes workouts for busy professionals.

556-x-356-woman-joggingThe all new workout plan:

It is quite popular in the online world for the last 1 week about the new workout plan. This workout plan is much appreciated by many for 2 reasons. It can get you back into good shape if you are not, or help you maintain in good shape, if you are already having one. The second reason is that this workout plan is not going to take much of your time. You will be surprised to see that it can yield great results in just 20 minutes. Also, you need not go searching for the exercise equipment that are costly, all you need is a chair and 20 minutes time.

7 minute scientific workout:

New York’s Time calls this a 7 minute scientific workout. There are 12 exercises in total. They should be performed in the given order. You need to allot 30 seconds to one specific exercise and there is also 10 second gap between two workouts. This brings down to the total of not more than 7 minutes. The people who have developed this schedule are really happy with the results that they have developed a host of apps for helping the people do the workouts as per the instructions in the perfect way to get the desired results. yoga-and-office-nadi-shodhanThere are apps that are available for websites and mobile phones, and now you have got guidelines to help you do these 12 workouts in the right way. The web users can see the app running on full screen with a video. Also the workout clip functions well on mobiles as well. In Android devices, it is a built in app that runs offline. The app is also perfect for the users of the iOS devices like iPhone and iPod.

push-ups-on-bed-298x232_0You can also see in YouTube a video clip that tells you how to do these exercises in the right way. This was created by Milena Pinola, and there is also another video clip that is a discussion of fitness experts and they tell you how to do these exercises in a proper way. However, the study tells to do exercises for 20 minutes each day and so to achieve the real benefits you need to repeat this regime twice or thrice.

Swasti Pujari
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