40 Most Innovative Facebook Cover Photos

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The top 40 best creative Facebook cover photos for your timeline

Facebook has provided you with a space to decorate your timeline with a large photo. People are trying out various kind of ideas to make their timeline more attractive. So do you want to make your Facebook timeline look unique and different from all? If yes, then here is how you can do so. Continue reading

Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Games

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An ultimate list of the top 10 favorite games played on Facebook

Are you getting bored and want to spend your leisure time by playing some interesting games on Facebook to entertain yourself? If your answer is yes, then here we are with a list of the top 10 most popular Facebook games which will help you relax a bit and at the same time let you utilize your brain in a constructive manner. Continue reading

How to Stop Brands from Using You in their Facebook Ads?

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Social networking sites have loads of advantages when it comes to online promotion of a business. Facebook has millions of users and it is the most popular social networking site of the users and promoting business in such a site means that the rate of success is higher. On the other hand, there are many advertising techniques adopted and not all of them are convenient to the users. Continue reading

How to Download Facebook Photo Albums?

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Are you thinking of a suitable way to download Facebook photo albums to your desktop so that you can enjoy your favorite photos even when you are offline? If yes, then good news for you! Fotobounce is a very effective tool presented by Windows to serve your purpose. This useful utility is available absolutely for free. Besides, this utility allows you to control your Facebook as well as Flickr photos from your desktop itself. Continue reading

How to Disable Facebook Notification Sound?

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The giant social network company, Facebook has introduced a beep sound each time a user gets a new notification. Although the Facebook team intended to benefit users from missing out any of their notifications, yet it back fired.The new buzz sound can be at times frustrating for logged in users. From 28th January, 2013 Facebook users have been receiving a sound for every new notification. Prior to that, they got such beep for new chat messages only. Here is a simple way how to disable Facebook notification sound effectively. Continue reading