Check Out Akshay Kumar’s Gripping Tribute to the Unsung Heroes of India


We all boast about our patriotism through our words and by posting images and updates in various social media sites. But what do we do in practice to prove the worth of our words?

This video by BeingIndian featuring Akshay Kumar is an awakening message to majority of us Indians who believe in pseudo-patriotism by just giving a statement of concern while sitting in the comfort of our houses. Akshay, whose upcoming movie, Airlift, is about a series of real-life events which narrates the untold stories of those brave Indians who didn’t hesitate to risk their lives for conducting one of the largest evacuations in history which saved the lives of thousands of Indians.

Through this video, Akshay gives a powerful message to all Indians and tries to invoke the sense of patriotism in us. Watch the video and share your views.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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