Have You Imagined What ‘The Jungle Book’ Would Look Like Without The Visual Effects?

Recently Rudyard Kipling’s eternal classic ‘The Jungle Book’ was made into a movie and we all enjoyed watching our beloved characters of Mowgli, Bageera, Baloo and many more from the movie in big screens. The film which is directed by Jon Favreau did very well and was declared super-hit worldwide. But did this thought ever crossed your mind that how the makers of the film managed to show the fictional world so beautifully on screen?

This video by Disney Movie Trailers is here to answer your questions by showing behind the scenes clippings of how The Jungle Book was brought to life and how amazing is the work of VFX in the movie.

[responsive_youtube vkNArCG80Bg]

Hats off to the guys who are behind the VFX!



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