Here Is A Preview Of The Next Week’s Game Of Thrones Episode Which Shows A Young Ned Stark

In the 2nd episode of Game Of Thrones Season 6 which was aired last week, we all were super happy to see Jon Snow being resurrected back to life by the red witch Melisandre.

Now, the channel has released a teaser of the 3rd episode of GoT which will be aired in the coming week. It shows Ned Stark in his younger days. Now that we have seen Ned Stark’s elder sister, Lyanna Stark in last week’s episode and a young Ned is being shown in the next episode’s Teaser, can we expect to see Rhaegar Targeryen too in the upcoming episodes? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

[responsive_youtube y685gVGRQ98]

Can’t wait to catch up next week’s episode right?

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