How to choose the right tablet?

The first most successful gadget to gain entry into the tablet market was the iPad introduced by Apple. The gizmo freaks loved it for its powerful and sleek body and it was quickly popularized making it a must have. However with the passage of time a large number of players have entered the tablet market, leaving the buyer confused as to how to choose the right one. What exactly should one look for when one decides to buy a tablet. What should be the topmost priority? Performance? Design? Look? Or the operating system? Read on how to choose the right tablet and get all those doubts cleared off your mind.

HP-TouchSmart-tm2-tabletIf your job is limited to browsing the web, reading emails and watching movies then don’t make a fuss about the model you want to choose. Just about any tablet would do the job for you but before that you need to answer a few questions like what purpose does your tablet serve, do you want to use it in place of a laptop or want to use it with your existing laptop. Based on the answers one has to choose the correct OS for their tablet.

1. Selecting the right OS:

Choosing the right OS to suit your needs is one of the crucial decisions that need to be taken. Some of the major Operating systems that power tablets are Android, Windows that are widely found on tablets by many manufacturers. The Apple iOS is used to run the ipad and ipad2 while the BlackBerry Playbooks runs its version of tablets called QNX. If you are required to use your tablet extensively for jobs like making presentations, documents, spreadsheets then choosing a Windows OS will be the right decision. But if you decide to go with the ipad, you can perform these functions with the help of paid apps. These days the ipad is a rage and the most preferred tablet for gaming and media usage although android powered platforms like Samsung galaxy and Motorola Xoom are catching up rather quickly.

2. Comparing the features of various tablets:sony-tablets1-hands2-lg

 The very next thing you’ve got   to do is compare feature between tablets. If ipad is your pick then you have to check if it connects to the Wi-Fi through a network or through a 3G network and your choice of memory storage. If you choose android or Windows, then compare the features provided by different manufacturers. Many tablets also give a front and rear camera so that you can have a view of yourself while taking your picture.

3. Selecting the tablet with the apt size:

You also need to give some thought about what size of tablet are you looking for and who will be using the tablet. Do you want your tablet to be sleek and easy to carry or for a rough handling on the fields?  Will it be strictly for your personal use or are you letting your kids use it too? There is a variety of screen sizes available from 7 inch to 10 inches and varying weights, from less than a pound to over 2.5 pounds.

4. Choosing the best tablet within your budget:

If you have set a budget for purchasing a tablet, then it is not always necessary that the tablet of your choice will fall in that particular range. Decide your priorities and go for the right model because you do not want to be under utilising a costlier model you bought and at the same time, you do not want to fall short of the resources that are indispensable for you.

android-tabletHence, by keeping in mind these vital points, you will surely be able to take the apt decision for purchasing the best tablet for you!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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