The best Instagram App for iPad

Are you in search of an effective Instagram app for your newly bought iPad? If yes, then here is the best Instagram app for iPad.

padgramThe brand new Pinstagram is a very efficient app for your iPad which helps you in browsing Instagram photos on your iPad. Besides, it is also linked with Pinterest so that you can easily share your photos to the social networking site just with a single click. Even though Pinstagram is an unofficial app, yet it acquires all the basic features of the official Instagram app such as giving comments and liking pictures, searching tags, etc. In addition, this app is available absolutely for free. However, the only limitation in this case is that capturing new images or uploading photos to Instagram is not possible from this newly launched iPad app.mzl.glcfauis.480x480-75

In order to display your images from Instagram photo galleries, Pinstagram employs the renowned Pinterest-style design. Moreover, Pinstagram has become one of the hot favourites among its users due to its association with pinterest. Furthermore, almost every Instagram picture can be successfully pinned to your Pinterest board by the help of this amazing app and that too with a single click!

ipadHence, Pinstagram is a very effective app for successful photo-sharing from your iPad. So, check out this wonderful app and enjoy sharing your Instagram photos among your Pinterest friends from your beloved iPad.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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