Useful Bookmarklets for iPad and iPhone

You cannot use extensions and add ons on the safari browser on any of the iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. However, there are extra functionalities possible. You can add these to the mobile browsers by using the bookmarklets. If you are not aware what the bookmarklets are, these are like the bookmarks. However, you can not only use them for opening the web pages but also use them to perform a few functions. For instance, you can use the bookmarklets to shorten the URLs, translate the web pages, to find the meanings of the words, save the pages and do more task just with a single click. So here are some useful bookmarklets for iPad and iPhone.

hqdefaultInstalling Bookmarklets in Safari:

Unlike chrome and Firefox, which support installation of bookmarklets by dragging and dropping, you cannot do the same with Safari, but with a simple workaround it is possible to install the bookmarklets. Select the appropriate bookmark for the page in iOS safari browser and save the bookmark. Now edit the bookmark by removing everything before the # symbol. All you have to do is to click done and the bookmarklet is installed.

Bookmarklets for iOS devices:


This can be trusted to offer distraction free reading. Comfortable and clean reading view is assured as this bookmarklet removes all the clutter.

Translate to English:

Using Google Translate this bookmarklet translates the page into English, if the web page is written in other languages.

Shorten with

This URL helps in shortening the URL using

Download as PDF:

The current web page can be downloaded as a PDF file. The PDF file can be attached to your email and can also be read offline.

Share on Tumblr:bookmarklet_dictionary

In the Tumblr blog you can add your content, video, image or text using this bookmarklet.

Share on Facebook:

You can share anything you want on your Facebook page.

Share on Twitter:

This bookmarklet lets you post the URL of the desired page in your Twitter post.

Send to Instapaper:

With a simple click you can send the desired pages to Instapaper, using this bookmarklet.

Add to Pocket:

This saves the web pages to your pocket and it is easy to do with a single click.

Pin to Pinterest:

You can paste images to Pinterest from any web page you see.

Google Cache:

From the offline pages you can get copy from Google cache.

QR Code:

Use QR codes to send the URL of a webpage from your iOS devices to the Android phones.

Google Bookmarks:

This lets you save a page to Google Bookmarks.

Shorten with

You can shorten the URL with

Add to Amazon Wishlist:

You can add even those items that are not in Amazon with this bookmarklet.

Subscribe in Feedly:

This is alternative to Google Plus and you can subscribe to RSS feeds in Feedly with this.

Send to Evernote:

This bookmarklet enables you to send pages to the note taking software, Evernote.

Share on Google +:

This lets you to share any video or text in Google Plus circles.

Send to kindle:

You can use this bookmarklet to send the web page to Amazon Kindle.

Share It:

google-chrome-iphone-heroYou can use this bookmarklet and share the images, text, and content in all social networking sites. This means not only Twitter, Facebook, but also Reddit, StumbleUpon, Hacker, News and much more.

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