Top 10 best android browsers

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An informative list of 10 most preferred browsers for android

Having a dilemma on which browser to choose for your android smartphones? A large number of browsers are available out there to make your internet experience hassle-free. Below we have showcased a list of top 10 best android browsers which can offer you a good browsing speed. Continue reading

Top 10 best free android messaging apps


A useful list of 1o most popular texting apps for android

With the growing popularity of smartphones where you can download many suitable apps for messaging, SMS has almost lost its significance. A wide variety of free messaging and calling apps are available now a days to fulfill all your requirements. These free messaging apps help you to be in touch with your family and friends without having the tension of getting huge mobile bills. Continue reading

How to Easily Transfer Files between Nearby Smartphones?


Smartphones, laptops, Ps3 etc are interests of today’s generation, but sometimes it becomes quite troublesome to get used to with this techno-geek generation. Transferring photos and alternative files between close smart phones ought to be straightforward, however it’s not. There are various ways that you’ll be able to do that, and that is best depends on that styles of smartphones you’re transferring files between. Here is  Continue reading

How to share files between your mobile phones and computer?

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It is quite common to own various digital data, for instance, photos, ebooks, videos and much more in various devices like computers, mobiles and tablets. If you want them to stay collectively in a specific device, then you can get to know how to do that here. You can here learn to move data between mobile and web based applications. So here is how to share files between your mobile phones and computer. Continue reading

How to Display Short URLs of your Web Pages on Mobile Devices?

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Regardless of the brand and cost, the screens of the mobile phones are small and you can never see the complete URLs of any of the web pages you see and it becomes difficult to access those in your mobile phones. If you want to see the full URL of the page you access in your mobile browser, you can rarely see them. However, you can make the URLs appear shorter for you and they are not cut for the lack of space. Continue reading