How to do Instant RSS Search?

Google Reader happened to be only solution for the ones, who had been looking for readers. However, this search has come to an end recently and the Reader Wannabes is found to be the decent one. The only feature that is not found in Reader Wannabes is a feed search engine that is on par with Google’s.

Google Reader is the largest storehouse when it comes to the RSS feeds. The reason why Google Reader is popular is that the user is able to search and find the feeds on any topic. The credit goes to the built in search tool of Google. The feed search engine of Google is getting closed everlastingly and this makes it quite obvious that the users can never find the search engine for tools again. So, what is the alternative? Does one exist really? Yes, here is how to do instant RSS search, which is the need of the hour, since Google Reader is shutting down permanently and you won’t be able to use it anymore.

rss-200x200The alternative-

The is an RSS search tool. This is an instant search tool and perfect in finding the feeds which are your area of interest. You can find any topic of your interest from any of the blogs, sites, news wires, podcasts, photo blogs, forums and anything that carries your searches online. When you want to add any of the items to your feed reader, you actually need to read what is in the piece of information, or look what is in the photo blog. You need to get into the site for this. If you have a slow internet connection or if you don’t have enough time to get into each blog and choose the item you like to add to your feeder or you may also do not find the item not interesting or not informative enough to add to your feeder. Either way this method will take time and a bit of your internet capacity too. This online tool however helps you save time and effort. You can preview the items that are published recently and then decide about adding the same to your RSS feeder. This makes it very simple and easy for you to identify the sites or blogs that are commendable of getting listed in your RSS feeder.

Efficacy of mark

Google Feeds API is internally used by this tool for performing search. So, the search results are as efficacious as the search results offered by Google Reader. Besides, you can also refine the search by using filters like inurl, allintitle and site. If you had used Google Reader, then you can see that the same filters are available in Google Reader too, which means this tool is on par with RSS feeder search engine of Google. The original version was launched in 2011 and the latest version was launched this month. The latest version contains performance enhancements and also has the feature of instant search, the search takes place even as you type.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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