How to Display your Profile Picture in Google Search Results?

You are a content creator and have uploaded tons of content on Google, then here’s a feature that is just meant for you. A profile picture next to your content on Google search page would be the ideal way to promote yourself to most people. Many of those who read your content would not go through your profile because they would not have a chance to. So, if you place your profile picture in the Google search results, you would actually have a chance of people visiting your profile and knowing you better. A visual element always helps increase the CTR for a person or page. So how about increasing your CTR with a profile picture that does not even take much time? Here are few tips on how to display your profile picture in Google search results.

How-to-Display-Your-Google-Profile-Picture-in-Search-ResultsTagging the Profile Picture:

You need to have an authorship mark-up on your website to create your profile picture alongside the Google search results. Get an “About Me” page on your blog and link that page to the profile page on Google. A code that you must remember while linking your blog about me page to Google profile page is rel=”me”. Add this to the URL you would have copied on the Google profile page. When you write a blog post, ensure this about me link is added to the post. This would help the Google profile page to link the content to your profile. Whenever you copy paste the link of your about me page to the content, ensure you add rel=”author” code to it. This would help the link work faster and better. Now in your Google account page, go to your profile page and add the about me URL there. Tick on the option that claims this is specifically your profile page. Now, save these settings and you are ready to get started.

Now whenever Google will crawl into your content, this profile picture along with your background would be generated alongside your results. If this works, you get better hits and your CTR increases.

Tips for Problem Solving:google-profile

You can always solve the issues that occur if you follow these tips:

  1. Author page should contain pictures
  2. A bio on you that is linked to your social networking pages as well
  3. Google profile should have a complete bio on you. It should include URL for your site and social media sites as well.

ku-xlargeThis is one the best ways to increase your blog’s popularity and ensure more viewers. Try it and get wonderful results!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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