How to find out the location of a picture?

Are you eager to find out the exact location of a photo which you came across while surfing the internet so that you can plan your upcoming holidays in that beautiful place? Are you worried since the image does not display any information about the location? If yes, then here is a convenient way how to find out the location of a picture.

highlight-app-takes-automatic-location-based-sharing-to-the-next-level-2e1c09d8e7In some cases, you can trace the location by the help of the EXIF data contained in the image but that doesn’t work for all images.

You must be aware of the fact that Google renders the Similar Image search for helping people in discovering photos that appear identical to the original image that is being provided for search. Besides, this facility of Google Images can even assist you occasionally in revealing the exact location of a photograph.find_my_location_02

For this purpose, you are required to visit and simply drag the desired image from a web page or your desktop and drop it into the search box. However, this drag and drop feature may not be supported by IE. So, in that case, you need to select the “camera icon” present in the Google search box and upload your desired image to the Google images manually for further assessment.

So, Google will easily detect if the image belongs to a famous place and let you know the approximate location of the place which is shown in the image on the top of the image results. Or else, it will notably provide you with a rough idea about the actual source of that picture so that you can get some indication in to deduce the exact location of the image by yourself.

museum1971Hence, make use of this amazing feature and a chill out in your dream destination by planning a wonderful vacation in that particular place!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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