How to find tourist attractions by the help of Google?

Are you planning to explore a new city in your upcoming holidays and worried how to find tourist attractions? Just relax! Google is here to assist you in this matter. It will help you in discovering and locating all the special attractions of the city such as museums, historical monuments, gardens, etc so that it will be easier for you to visit all the places within your specified time.

travel-localFor this purpose, you simply need to provide Google with the syntax “Things to do in City”. Or else, for more detailed information you can also specify the country’s name about which you want the facts.

For example, if you want information about tourist attractions in India then you need to mention “Things to do in India”. And a list of the best places to visit in that particular country will be suggested by Google for your convenience.0

Besides, this facility is also applicable for locating tourist spots in continents.

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