How to make 3D glasses at home?

Did you recently come across some 3D videos over the internet and could not watch those clearly just because you don’t have 3D glasses? Relax! Now you can make one just by yourself at your own house! Here is how to make 3D glasses at home.

320In order to enjoy 3D videos uploaded in YouTube or the various other websites, you just need a pair of 3D glasses having red and blue / cyan lenses.

For this purpose, you will basically need an extra CD jewel case available at your home along with some permanent marker pens of the specified colors.

You are simply required to fill the transparent region of the jewel case with red and blue colors by the help of marker pens so that the colored portion correctly covers your eyes. You need to fill the colors in such a way that the blue/cyan colored region covers your right eye while the red color covers the left one.

Instead, you can even use one of your current sunglasses and just alter its lenses with some colored film of transparent plastic. Or else you can simply convert one of your old sunglasses into 3D glasses by filling red color in the left hand side lens and blue color in the right hand side lens of the sunglasses by the help of permanent markers.550px-Make-Your-Own-3D-Glasses-Step-9

However, it is preferable to use permanent markers only since sketch pens or water colors do not work for this purpose.

Hence, try any of the above mentioned process as per your suitability for making amazing 3D sunglasses at your home itself and relish watching your favorite videos with an awesome 3D experience!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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