How to play angry birds on PC?

Are you a crazy fan of angry birds and enjoy crushing the green pigs from your mobile phones and tablets? Good news for u! Now you can have the privilege of playing the fascinating game from your computer as well. Here an easy way how to play angry birds on PC.

angry-birds-beta-for-chrome-browserAngry bird has been one of the most popular video games since a long time now. Earlier it was available only for mobiles and tablets. But recently it has been launched for computers also.

As such there is no particular software available for downloading or installing this game.  You just need to have a web browser to access it.  For this purpose, simply visit and engage your brain with the awesome play.

Though, officially angry birds is procurable as a Chrome app, yet the address can be used for playing the game in almost any web browser even IE. Besides, if you are playing at less-powerful net book, then you can also switch to the game’s SD version which can be availed at


Hence, try it out and relish playing this captivating game with a larger screen experience! Have a great time!!!

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